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So you think you're a #badass

The book

Hacking & Hustling: The Political Economy of NOT Asking Permission

Innovation has become the prima economic development tool of cities. Obama said “innovation” nine times in his 2013 inauguration speech, more than any other presidential speech in history. As US cities went bankrupt and a deep recession was felt in all corners of the country, startups in the Bay Area grew at an unprecedented rate. While “sub-prime mortgages” became a household word, Twitter grew up to aid political revolutions, Facebook became a brand enabler, and Google was welcomed into nearly every part of our lives. The country had an identity crisis, as entrepreneurs had a coming of age. Cities from around the world regularly send delegations to San Francisco, they tour tech companies, overhear complaints about the high-cost of housing, and survive the one-hour wait for a dinner table on a Tuesday night #wewantthis they’re thinking. They recognize that innovation is a powerful engine of growth to revitalize communities and create jobs. The strategy of most cities is investment into research parks, “innovation clusters”, and most recently incubators and accelerators #missthemark. There is a general failure in understanding that Transformative Innovation, the kind that creates entirely new markets, must disrupt power structures and DOES NOT and CANNOT ask permission. Hacking & Hustling tells a story about this side of innovation. The side where structures of authority lurk in the shadows of bureaucracy to prevent innovation from seeing the light of day. Where exploitation of entrepreneurs goes unchecked. Where resources are scarce. It is from this dark side of innovation where transformation happens–where new ways of believing are conceived. Innovation can be born from a supportive environment, whose elements nurture–but other times, innovation flourishes in spite of its surroundings. This story begins with the latter.

Trapped in the slums
beggin for nuttin but takin
Ghetto Prisoners

The Battle

The #badass Battle Royale

Tired of pitches, Ignite talks, TED talks…and WTF, pecha kucha again?!

Hacking & Hustling Productions presents: #badass Battle Royale 001 on Saturday, 8/10. Five teams of entrepreneurs will come together to compete for the #badass title by rapping their hacking and hustling stories. There will be no stage, no TED-style mic, and no rehearsing for days. The teams will throw down with authentic stories of their fight to create new ways of believing through their work. Come and cheer them on!

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In the shadows of Twitter and Zynga and behind the glamor of high-value exits is a world with a dark underbelly. A world where neglect and exploitation of innovators runs rampant. Where powerful structures of authority block and beat down. Where resources are scarce and ridicule is abundant. Here, in this place, is where innovation is born. Not just any innovation can survive this place. The kind of innovation raised here grows up tough and full of intentions to overcome the grim landscape of which it’s conceived. This is transformative innovation, the kind that changes society by creating a new way of believing. Come to hear the hackers and hustlers stories of this place as they throw down their wounds and scars to claim the #badass title.

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Where: Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom street, San Francisco
When: Saturday, August 10 at 7pm (unless your a hacker and hustler…if so, you get to hang with a bunch of cool people to help you prepare during the day)
Who: YOU + legendary #badasses
Why: Because another story deserves to be told

Are you a hacker and hustler? Want to compete? Do you:

Fight for values

Have blockers

Hack your job to get shit done

Hustled the education system to work for you

If you said yes to all of the above, message us in the form below



And I'mma get mad deep like a threat, blow up your project
Then take all your assets

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We are Hackers.
We are Hustlers.
We don’t ask permission.
We don’t ask forgiveness.

Baby we living in the moment
I've been a menace for the longest
But I ain't finished, I'm devoted
"Black Skinhead"
--Kanye West

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